Year in Review: Top 30 Articles of 2013


December 31, 2013
by Todd Andrlik Also by this Author


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History is best served through teamwork and collaboration, so thanks to the team of 48 writers who all made Journal of the American Revolution‘s first year a huge success. Special thanks to Hugh Harrington, Don Hagist and J. L. Bell for their extraordinary editing and writing contributions. And as a thank you to our loyal readers, below is a quick recap of 2013, including our 30 most popular articles. Cheers to the new year!

Media Review of the Year

“WOW! I couldn’t put this down.” Armchair General Magazine (Dec. 23, 2013) [BUY OUR BOOK] Statistics for 2013

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Top 30 Articles of 2013

  1. Ages of Revolution: How Old Were They on July 4, 1776? by Todd Andrlik
  2. Top 10 Revolutionary War Movies by Hugh T. Harrington
  3. Top 10 Battles of the Revolutionary War by Don N. Hagist
  4. Battle Wounds: Never Pull an Arrow Out of a Body by Hugh T. Harrington
  5. Life in the Southern Colonies by David Lee Russell
  6. Breaking News 1776: First Reports of Independence by Todd Andrlik
  7. Top 10 Facts About British Soldiers by Don N. Hagist
  8. 5 Myths of Tarring and Feathering by J. L. Bell
  9. The Historiography of the American Revolution by Michael D. Hattem
  10. Best American Revolution Book Ever by Editors
  11. The Aim of British Soldiers by Don N. Hagist
  12. Language of Revolution: No Taxation Without Representation by J. L. Bell
  13. 7 Myths of the Boston Tea Party by Benjamin L. Carp
  14. Top 10 Revolutionary War Novels by Hugh T. Harrington
  15. What’s Wrong with this Picture? Battle of Bunker Hill by Howard Pyle by Don N. Hagist
  16. The Ultimate Revolutionary War Infographic by Todd Andrlik
  17. RevWar Geek Gift Guide 2013 by Editors
  18. When Were They Patriots and Loyalists Group Interview
  19. Scotland and the American Revolution by Matthew P. Dziennik
  20. Anything but Humble: Pie for Dinner by Lars D. H. Hedbor
  21. Top 10 Continental Army Generals by William M. Welsch
  22. Was American Independence Inevitable? Group Interview
  23. The Myth of Rifleman Timothy Murphy by Hugh T. Harrington
  24. The Gunpowder Shortage by Jimmy Dick
  25. John Trumbull: Art and Politics in the Revolution by Morgan Sumrell
  26. How Far is “Musket-Shot”? Farther Than You Think. by Michael Barbieri
  27. Revolutionary News: 10 Breaking Stories by Todd Andrlik
  28. The Inaccuracy of Muskets by Hugh T. Harrington
  29. Molly Pitcher and Captain Molly by Ray Raphael
  30. 1763: A Revolutionary Peace Exhibit by Elizabeth M. Covart

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