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"Skirmishing to the rear." Bunbury, Henry William, 1750-1811 (artist); Humphrey, William, ca. 1740-ca. 1810 (publisher). Hand colored stipple engraved caricature (after Bunbury); soldier on bucking horse speaking to country woman and child while his musket discharges behind him into face on signboard, soldiers bathing outside tents near camp-followers in right background.(Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection) 4

The funniest thing?


What’s the funniest thing you’ve come across in researching this period?   In Paris, while negotiating the treaty with France, Ben Franklin stopped for…

A 1788 satirical print titled "Ague & Fever" depicting a patient (left), a doctor (right) and a fever as a furry monster. (The British Museum) 4



Throughout the American Revolution, opposing armies fought a common enemy. Primary documents on both sides are full of complaints, descriptions and responses to the…

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