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The Journal of the American Revolution is a popular, peer-reviewed history magazine for scholars and enthusiasts alike. Our writers rave about our expedited peer review process — frequently going from pitch to publication in less than four weeks — and the exciting ability to build large, loyal readerships among our 800,000 to 1,200,000 annual readers. More so, our authors benefit from thoughtful and respectful reader commentary following each article. Also unique among online magazines, Journal of the American Revolution produces an annual hardcover collection of its online essays, published by acclaimed nonfiction publisher Westholme Publishing.  Plus, our authors and their articles are frequently cited or republished in books, news media and other educational resources. Since January 2013, more than 850 articles by 130+ authors have been published at, attracting more than 2.25 million readers and 4 million pageviews. Approximately one in five articles is selected to be published in our acclaimed annual hardcover edition, which is published by Westholme Publishing.

Wow! I couldn’t put this down,” according to Armchair General Magazine’s review of Journal of the American Revolution, Volume 1, written by reporter Sean Stevenson. “[I] read it in one five-hour sitting. Me. A guy who finds mistakes in Revolutionary War books that won the Pulitzer Prize. Who can tell you whether or not Ethan Allen got a smallpox inoculation. Who has memorized the opening lines of Paine’s The Crisis. And I found more information in this one volume than I have in the last half-dozen books on the Revolutionary War that I read.”

We welcome submissions from both seasoned scholars and emerging talent with only a few simple editorial guidelines to follow.

Our editorial guidelines are simple:

  • All submissions should follow our document set-up guidelines and style guide
  • All submissions must be original works by the author, and exclusive to or re-purposed for the Journal of the American Revolution ( — you’re welcome to submit reviews of other works (books, websites, articles, etc.); all commentary must be fair and respectful of the original author
  • All long-form feature or scholarship submissions must include endnotes (primary sources please) using the Chicago Manual of Style (suggested length = 1500 to 4500 words); short-form contributions (fewer than 1500 words) can include endnotes or source credits within the body of the article
  • All work will be promptly reviewed and we reserve the right to reject any work for any reason; however, we expect you to proofread and copyedit your own work, being consistent with Chicago Manual of Style and our own guidelines; we also reserve the right to modify submitted works for style (grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity) and any edits of significance will be returned for author review
  • We strive to publish meticulous, ideally ground-breaking research and well-written narratives about unknown or lesser-known topics
  • All submissions must be made in Microsoft Word and include the authors name, email address and phone number
  • See the Journal of the American Revolution Style Guide for answers to frequently asked questions about word usage and style rules
  • All submissions should include at least one recommended headline (10 words or less) and artwork suggestions (authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use artwork if it is not public domain)
  • All published submissions will include an author byline (no pseudonyms — this isn’t the 18th century), head shot and bio (75 to 100 words)
  • First-time contributors: Don’t forget to include your head shot and bio
  • Send your ideas to editor at

Types of submissions we consider (send us your idea first):

  • Features (long-form articles, well-researched, with endnotes)
  • Shorts (pithy, short-form articles)
  • News (short-form filtering of timely third-party content with author commentary)
  • Q&A (interviews with individuals in/around American Revolution history)
  • Tours (photo and video tours of American Revolution-related sites, events, museums, etc.)
  • Book, film, TV or website reviews
  • Events (summaries and/or commentary of panel discussions and speakers)
  • Lists (think David Letterman’s Top 10)
  • Etc. (don’t hesitate to pitch us a different idea)


WOW! I couldn't put this down.

-Armchair General Magazine