Author: Jimmy Dick

Jimmy Dick is an American history instructor for Moberly Area Community College. He earned an MA in history at American Military University and is currently working on his Ed.D at Walden University. He lives in Edina, Missouri with his wife, Deborah and Schnorkie, Lizzie Lou. His primary area of interest is American history to 1865 with a concentration in the American Revolution and Early Republic eras. He served 20 years in the Missouri National Guard and U.S. Army, where he worked in military intelligence as a Morse Code interceptor.

The War Years (1775-1783) Posted on

The Battle of St. Louis

While the War of American Independence was won on the Eastern seaboard by American and French battling the British, the future of the United States was determined in small, seemingly inconsequential battles in the western theatre. The battles west of the Appalachian Mountains would shape the destiny of the American nation by determining what land would become the United […]

by Jimmy Dick