Best American Revolution Book Ever

journal_amrevGroundbreaking New Book About American Revolution Debunks Myths, Addresses Unanswered Questions in Remarkable Style

New “Edutaining” History Book Loaded with Fascinating Discoveries and Expert Analysis of American Revolution. The Revolutionary War is Exceptionally Presented in this Compilation of 60 Essays by 20 Historians.

Okay, best ever might be a stretch, but we are thrilled to announce the new commemorative edition of Journal of the American Revolution is now available for pre-order (ships early November). Shopping for history buffs this holiday season? Buy them all a copy of our new book today! It’s the perfect mix of scholarship and entertainment. Books will be shipped in late October for arrival in early November. This brand new hardcover volume is the culmination of an exciting first year for us. We launched in January 2013 and have since published more than 200 articles. More so, we have served a quarter million readers and have been featured by numerous media, including TIME, MSNBC and Smithsonian.

Spanning 248 full-color pages, the print edition of Journal of the American Revolution is a stunning collection of remastered articles and never-before-published essays, delivering exciting answers and fresh angles to several lingering questions about the most important era in American history.

The new book offers a healthy variety of in-depth features and engaging columns, in both short- and long-form, with an eye for accuracy over legend. Each article is accompanied by high definition images – portraits, maps, photos and more – including some that are appearing in print for the first time ever. Todd Andrlik, Hugh T. Harrington, Don N. Hagist and several historians and experts guide readers through various topics with passionate, creative and smart historical study.

For less than the cost of a typical magazine subscription, you can support and receive this collector’s hardcover edition that  addresses many questions and curiosities, including:

  • What was the true start of the Revolution?
  • Who came up with “no taxation without representation”?
  • Were the Founding Fathers young enough to be called Founding Teenagers or Twentysomethings?
  • What role did dogs play in the war?
  • How did the Sons of Liberty influence the rebellion?
  • How did news about America’s independence go viral in 1776?
  • How did Washington’s army actually cross the Delaware River?
  • At what moment did Washington become a politician as well as a general?
  • What was it really like to walk the colonial streets of Boston, Philadelphia, New York or Charleston?
  • How did Washington’s mastery of intelligence lead to one of the most daring attacks of the war?
  • What was the treatment for a scalped head or arrow wound?
  • Was the most hated Loyalist in America really a Patriot spy?
  • And what about those British soldiers?

amazonWhile the book is available on Amazon, please consider buying it directly from the publisher so they can make a few extra bucks and have the incentive to publish Volume 2 next year. You can order the book on the publisher’s website or you can call (937) 767-1433 and order copies directly with the assistance of a sales person. The call center is open Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET. If you’ve enjoyed the free edutainment we’ve been publishing at, consider a book purchase as your way of investing in our future. If the book sells well, there is a good chance we’ll do this again next year. Thank you for your loyal readership.


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  • Could not be more excited at this book coming out! This one isn’t even out yet and I’m already anticipating next year’s volume 2!! Love the site…

    • Thanks, Eric! Just make sure you get 500 of your closest friends to buy a copy of Volume 1 and we’ll have a good chance at making Volume 2 a reality. 🙂

  • Just bought this book from Ertel Publishing! We all need to stick together in our support of well-based historical items from the American Revolution. It also helps support my friends such as John Bell and Derek Beck. Can’t wait to get it – Christmas comes early to me this year! Congratulations on “Reporting the RW” and this Journal!

  • I didn’t even think twice about getting this book. I love all the articles I read. Cannot wait to get it in the mail. Thanks to all the authors for their hard work and excellence. Well worth the price!

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