Author: Pamela Murrow

Pamela Murrow, a native of Indiana, has devoted many years to finding and transcribing letters from the 18th century. Her recent book, Unending Passions: The Knox Letters, delves into the private lives of Henry and Lucy Knox. General Knox became the first Secretary of War after his distinguished service as head of artillery during the Revolutionary War.

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10 Amazing Women of the Revolutionary War

“I desire you would remember the ladies”—March 31, 1776, Abigail Adams to her husband, John Adams After reading the “Most Overrated Revolutionary” and the “Most Underrated Revolutionary,” and the amazing contributions by each and every person, it started me thinking about “the ladies” that I feel, in their own ways, helped achieve independence. The impact that […]

by Pamela Murrow
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The Role of Dancing

There are countless reasons why and how people do things for amusement.  But, in Colonial America there were at least three reasons that influenced what people did for fun: social standing, location and gender. Social class had a significant affect as wealthy planters were able to amuse themselves with more expensive forms of entertainment than […]

by Pamela Murrow