Submission Guidelines

With hundreds of article submissions annually, we kindly ask that you adhere to the JAR Style Guide and the following document set-up guidelines:

  • 12pt Times Roman
  • Singe spaced or 1.5 line spacing
  • Left alignment
  • Only use Microsoft Word’s automatic endnotes function for including notes
  • No special indentation and no spacing before or after indentation
  • Everything including titles, subheads, etc. should be left aligned (no centering)
  • No automatic formatting or any Word style sheets used except Normal
  • All tabs should be the actual “tab” character (not five spaces)
  • There should be no superscript except for the note numbers
  • Extracts and quotes should be in plain face, not italic
  • No boldface used unless an extract or quote uses boldface (if you want to add any emphasis, use italic, and if it is added to an extract or block quote by the author, indicate in the note that the emphasis was added)
  • There should not be extra returns between paragraphs even when there is a header (which should not be underlined or boldfaced), but it is OK to put a single return above and below an extract or block quote
  • There should be no page or section breaks added or indicated except at the end of each article
  • There should be no underlining, unless it is part of an extract or quote
  • There should be no double spacing between sentences or elsewhere
  • There should be no color used: all type should be black throughout
  • Please see the JAR Style Guide for all important style guidelines