Author: Daniel J. Tortora

Daniel J. Tortora is assistant professor of History at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, where he teaches courses in American and Native American history. He is author of Fort Halifax: Winslow's Historic Outpost and Carolina in Crisis: Cherokees, Colonists, and Slaves in the American Southeast, 1756-1763. He speaks extensively on the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War eras, leads battlefield and historic tours, and has contributed to films, archaeological projects, exhibits, and research projects. He is part of the movement to rebuild and interpret Fort Halifax in Winslow, Maine.

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Indian Patriots from Eastern Massachusetts: Six Perspectives

Joseph Paugenit, Jonas Obscow, Anthony Jeremiah, Simon Peney, Obadiah Wicket, and Alexander Quapish. These are not household names to the average history enthusiast. But they are among the two hundred Indians from eastern Massachusetts who fought in the Revolutionary War. Few people are aware of the contributions that these and another thousand or more Native […]

by Daniel J. Tortora