Book of the Year Award

The Journal of the American Revolution Book-of-the-Year Award is an annual recognition to the adult non-fiction volume that best mirrors the mission of Journal of the American Revolution, which is to deliver passionate, creative, and clear content that makes American Revolution and Founding Era history come alive for a broad audience. Winning books commonly feature meticulous research and well-written narratives. Nominations for the annual award are due by November 10 of the award year.


Publishers must send three copies of nominated book(s) by November 10 of the award year. Please contact ed****@al**************.com (subject line: JAR Book Award Nomination) for further instructions. Nominations may also be made by Journal of the American Revolution editors and writers.

Minimum Selection Criteria

Books will only be accepted as nominations if they meet the following criteria:

  • Adult non-fiction
  • Published during the award year or the previous year
  • Subject related to the American Revolution or Founding Era
  • Contains cited sources and uses mostly primary sources


Winners will be announced and publicized in the Journal of the American Revolution in January of the following year.

About Journal of the American Revolution

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Past Winners