Top 10 Articles of January 2015

Gen. Howe and the British Forces Departing Boston in 1776 (Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection)

Sound the alarm! Journal of the American caught fire in January with a record-setting 495,000 views by 327,000 users! The surge in traffic was primarily caused by three major events: 1) Our “Ages of Revolution” article going viral; 2) Inquiring minds wanting to discover the truth behind History Channel’s Sons of Liberty series; and 3) An outstanding line-up of high-quality content following a short holiday break. Those three events bolstered our already strong numbers and resulted in nearly a half million pageviews in 31 days. This past month we also welcomed Alexander Cain to our roster of expert writers and announced our first-ever Book of the Year Award winners. Congrats to Ken Miller’s Dangerous Guests (Cornell University Press, 2014) for earning this year’s top honor. Hello and welcome to all our new readers, and please enjoy our 10 most popular articles of January 2015!

  1. Discover the Truth Behind History Channel’s Sons of Liberty Series by Thomas Verenna
  2. 10 Quotes from Valley Forge by Nancy K. Loane
  3. Journal of the American Revolution Announces 2014 Book of the Year Winners by Editors
  4. An Iconic Artifact Re-examined by Norman Fuss
  5. The Real Immortal Words of John Paul Jones by Michael Schellhammer
  6. It Wasn’t Billy the Ram by Don N. Hagist
  7. “The Rattlesnake Tells the Story” by Bob Ruppert
  8. The Loyalist Refugee Experience in Canada by Alexander Cain
  9. Franklin’s Failed Diplomatic Mission by Gene Procknow
  10. Vice-Admiralty Courts and Writs of Assistance by Bob Ruppert


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