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Top 10 Articles of October 2017

Happy Halloween to all our readers! Before we look back at our most popular articles of the month, please join us in welcoming three new JAR writers: Michael R. Derderian, Robert Grandchamp and Michael Aikey. Last month, we also welcomed a new JAR advertiser, a Kickstarter campaign for Patriots & Redcoats, the hidden-identity card game capturing the […]

by Editors
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Jacob’s Land: Revolutionary War Soldiers, Schemers, Scoundrels and the Settling of New York’s Frontier

Book Review: Jacob’s Land: Revolutionary War Soldiers, Schemers, Scoundrels and the Settling of New York’s Frontier by Charles Yaple (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, March 2017) [BUY NOW ON AMAZON] Jacob’s Land by Charles Yaple is a fascinating, multigenerational narrative history of an immigrant family, their migration into the wilderness, and of the native tribes who populated […]

by Phillip R. Giffin
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Analyzing the Founders: A Closer Look at the Signers of Four Founding Documents

Writing about Roger Sherman, the only man to sign our four most important founding documents – the Continental Association, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution – got me wondering why there weren’t more who had done so, and in particular why our most famous Founding Fathers hadn’t. I decided it […]

by Richard J. Werther
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From Wannabe Redcoat to Rebel: George Washington’s Journey to Revolution

From the ministry’s point of view, affairs in America really were quite appalling. The unpardonable brashness of a cocksure young provincial had instantly escalated a minor diplomatic dispute in the wilderness fringe of North America into a war between the world’s two great powers – a war for which His Majesty’s government was woefully unprepared. […]

by Geoff Smock
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What Remains: Searching for the Memory and Lost Grave of John Paul Jones

Book Review: What Remains: Searching for the Memory and Lost Grave of John Paul Jones by Robert Hornick (University of Massachusetts Press, 2017) [BUY NOW ON AMAZON] The title Robert Hornick selected for his recent analytic and meticulously researched and documented book on John Paul Jones says it all, “What Remains.” John Paul Jones’s journey into […]

by Patrick H. Hannum
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General John Dagworthy: George Washington’s Forgotten American Rival

Every summer, millions of tourists flock to the beaches and resorts on the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia (Delmarva) peninsula sandwiched between the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.  Those headed for Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, or the state parks that line the Atlantic shores of Delaware may well pass by Prince George’s Chapel in Dagsboro.  Authorized in 1755 by […]

by Eric Sterner
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The Affair At Egg Harbor: Massacre Of The Pulaski Legion

On the Topographic-Bathymetric Series Map, Eastern United States, 1:250,000, Wilmington: NJ 18-2 (1972) prepared by the United States Geological Survey located at grid WU5.5, 8.0 is a symbol for a landmark labeled, “Pulaski Monument.” This monument indicates the site of the “massacre” of the Pulaski Legion in the pre-dawn hours of October 15, 1778.[1] In […]

by Joseph E. Wroblewski
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This Licentious Republic: Maritime Skirmishes in Narragansett Bay 1763-1769

As a British colony located on the Atlantic Ocean, Rhode Island’s wealth grew by utilizing the ocean’s vast resources. Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay is roughly two hundred and fifty square miles, which includes small islands and bays. Hundreds of ships carrying both raw materials from the colonies and manufactured products from England traveled through Narragansett […]

by Michael R. Derderian