Top 10 Articles of October 2017

1780 caricature of a press gang (Wikimedia Commons)

Happy Halloween to all our readers!

Before we look back at our most popular articles of the month, please join us in welcoming three new JAR writers: Michael R. Derderian, Robert Grandchamp and Michael Aikey. Last month, we also welcomed a new JAR advertiser, a Kickstarter campaign for Patriots & Redcoats, the hidden-identity card game capturing the spirit of the Revolutionary War. In just a few weeks, our latest book series book, John Adams vs Thomas Paine: Rival Plans for the Early Republic by Jett B. Conner, will publish. Pre-order your copy on Amazon today. Finally, here are your top 10 most popular articles from October 2017:

  1. Displaced: The Donation People of 1775 by Katie Turner Getty
  2. Was the Declaration of Independence Signed on July 4? How Memory Plays Tricks with History by Ray Raphael
  3. The Affair At Egg Harbor: Massacre Of The Pulaski Legion by Joseph E. Wroblewski
  4. Analyzing the Founders: A Closer Look at the Signers of Four Founding Documents by Richard J. Werther
  5. General John Dagworthy: George Washington’s Forgotten American Rival by Eric Sterner
  6. Luke Ryan: Premier Privateer by Bob Ruppert
  7. Whale Boats on the Hudson by Phillip R. Giffin
  8. An American Perspective on the Guard Boats of the Hudson by Michael J. F. Sheehan
  9. From Fence to Fence: The Battles of Prudence Island by Robert Grandchamp
  10. From Wannabe Redcoat to Rebel: George Washington’s Journey to Revolution by Geoff Smock
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