Author: Katie Turner Getty

Katie Turner Getty is a Boston lawyer, writer, and independent researcher. She earned her J.D. at night from New England Law Boston, cum laude, holds a B.A. from Wellesley College with a focus on revolutionary America and is a graduate of Bunker Hill Community College. A lifelong history enthusiast, Katie can often be found exploring historic sites both on and off Boston’s Freedom Trail. She enjoys reading, family tree research, and drinking too much coffee. For more about Katie, visit or follow her on Twitter @KTGetty13.

Illness and Disease Posted on

Walking Skeletons: Starvation on Board the Jersey Prison Ship

Eighteen-year-old Andrew Sherburne’s younger brother, Samuel, guided Sherburne into a room away from the rest of the family to help wash and dress him. As he helped his older brother peel off his ragged, lice-infested clothing, Samuel glimpsed Sherburne’s emaciated body. Shocked, the younger boy fell back. “He having taken off my clothes and seen […]

by Katie Turner Getty
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Death Had Almost Lost Its Sting: Disease on the Prison Ship Jersey

“There, rebels, there is a cage for you.”[1] Forced to row under guard of British marines, a boatload of captured American sailors approached the forbidding black hulk of the old British warship, HMS Jersey. Nicknamed “The Hell Afloat,”[2] the Jersey and other decommissioned British warships were moored in Wallabout Bay, just off Brooklyn, New York, where […]

by Katie Turner Getty