Innovative Game Capturing Spirit of Revolutionary War Needs Support

Patriots & Redcoats is a card game of hidden identities and social deduction that plays in 20 minutes. In it, 4–10 players take on the roles of the Americans fighting to win independence and the British fighting to stop the rebellion. Watch out—there are spies and turncoats among you, and war by its nature can take on a character all its own.

Want to play a game where you can…

  • Recruit and assassinate the other players?
  • Be King George III or General Washington?
  • Fight to amass battlefield victories for your cause?

Oh yeah.

The game was created by active duty military officer Tom Butler (The Pirate Republic) with some help from world-renowned painters, and the Green Feet Games team. They put together this Kickstarter campaign to crowdsource the funding necessary to bring the game to life.

Journal of the American Revolution Editor Don N. Hagist tested the game and here’s what he thought:

It’s easy to think of the American Revolution in simple terms of friend versus foe, but the actual era was much more complex, as individuals and governments struggled to decide on their own allegiance, and determine that of others. This innovative game captures that spirit. Using alliances, espionage, politics, and some military thinking, players see their own loyalties change and try to determine which side the others are on. If you think wars are just about the battlefield, think again. 

Support the exciting Patriots & Redcoats card game at Kickstarter. The fundraising campaign only lasts for 32 days, so act now.

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