Top 10 Articles of November 2014


November 28, 2014
by Editors Also by this Author


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As we begin to slow down for the holiday season, we wish all our writers and readers cheerful memories and happy celebrations. This November, we welcomed Carol Sue Humphrey to our roster of contributors and saw John L. Smith, Jr.’s article about Washington’s wooden teeth featured by We also welcomed our latest advertiser, America’s History, LLC, which is hosting the must-attend American Revolution conference of 2015. The conference line-up includes Lengel, Atkinson, Buchanan, Hagist, Martin, Mayer, O’Shaughnessy and Osman! Lastly, our readers will be happy to know that we’ve also been busy working on Journal of the American Revolution‘s Annual Volume 2015, which publishes in May by Westholme Publishing.

Now, per tradition, here are our 10 most popular articles from November 2014.

  1. Revolutionary War History Geek Gift Guide 2014 by Editors
  2. Drilling Holes in George Washington’s Wooden Teeth Myth by John L. Smith, Jr.
  3. Top 5 Foreign Continental Army Officers (Other Than Lafayette) by Gene Procknow
  4. The Spartans of Long Island by Thomas Verenna
  5. Propaganda Warfare: Benjamin Franklin Fakes a Newspaper by Hugh T. Harrington
  6. The First Fight of Ferguson’s Rifle by Bob Ruppert
  7. Top 10 Printers by Carol Sue Humphrey
  8. The Bermuda Powder Raids of 1775 by Hugh T. Harrington
  9. The Military Library by Don N. Hagist
  10. Peggy Left the Party, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next by Don N. Hagist


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