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May 14, 2014
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Journal of the American Revolution is the leading source of knowledge about the American Revolution and Founding Era. We feature smart, groundbreaking research and well-written narratives from expert writers. Our work has been featured by the New York Times, TIME magazine, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian, Mental Floss, NPR, and more. Journal of the American Revolution also produces annual hardcover volumes, a branded book series, and the podcast, Dispatches

Annual Volumes of the Latest American Revolution Research and Perspective Expected Every May Beginning in 2015

YARDLEY, Pennsylvania (May 14, 2014) – The popular online history magazine Journal of the American Revolution and acclaimed nonfiction publisher Westholme Publishing, LLC have joined forces to publish annual hardcover volumes with the inaugural book slated for May 2015 in a multi-year agreement.

Utilizing the depth and breadth of Journal of the American Revolution’s content archives, the books will be designed for both scholars and enthusiasts alike, featuring a vast collection of new essays and remastered articles by scores of American Revolution experts.

“These will be extremely attractive and resource-rich annual editions that the history community will find enjoyable to read, collect, and reference,” said Westholme CEO Bruce H. Franklin. “Todd Andrlik and the folks at Journal of the American Revolution have done a remarkable job breaking the conventions of historical research and writing. Westholme will use its publishing expertise to produce and distribute these important volumes, each filled with the latest ground-breaking research in revolutionary-era history. The books will complement the online resources of the Journal and allow this work to reach different markets. The volumes will also serve to capture the best original research of a given year.”

Journal of the American Revolution is the largest online history magazine focused on the Revolution and Founding era. It is edited by author-historians Todd Andrlik, Hugh T. Harrington and Don N. Hagist, and features peer-reviewed works by more than sixty authors, including Thomas Fleming, Ray Raphael, J. L. Bell, Andrew O’Shaughnessy and Jim Piecuch. Since launching in January 2013, more than 350 articles have been published at, attracting 350,000 annual readers. Last year the Journal published its first annual volume, Journal of the American Revolution, Volume 1, which received glowing reviews by readers and media.

Wow! I couldn’t put this down,” according to Armchair General Magazine’s review of Journal of the American Revolution, Volume 1, written by reporter Sean Stevenson. “[I] read it in one five-hour sitting. Me. A guy who finds mistakes in Revolutionary War books that won the Pulitzer Prize. Who can tell you whether or not Ethan Allen got a smallpox inoculation. Who has memorized the opening lines of Paine’s The Crisis. And I found more information in this one volume than I have in the last half-dozen books on the Revolutionary War that I read.”

Due to the success of the volume, the editors decided to seek a strategic partner to make annual volumes a regular enterprise.

Yardley, PA-based Westholme Publishing is an independent publisher of nonfiction books, including a rapidly growing American history catalog of acclaimed titles such as Kidnapping the Enemy: The Special Operations to Capture Generals Charles Lee and Richard Prescott (2013) by Christian McBurney, Year of the Hangman: George Washington’s Campaign Against the Iroquois (2005) by Glenn F. Williams, British Soldiers, American War: Voices of the American Revolution (2012) by Don N. Hagist, and John Barry: An American Hero in the Age of Sail (2011) by Tim McGrath.

“We couldn’t ask for a better publishing partner,” said Journal of the American Revolution founder and editor Todd Andrlik. “Westholme has an outstanding reputation in historical nonfiction and we’re thrilled to offer our readers more exciting print editions of our journal.”

Unlike Journal of the American Revolution’s first print book in 2013, the Westholme volumes will be more traditional books in size and design, and each will include a comprehensive index.

“We’re essentially starting over with a clean slate and plan to add a digital version, too,” Andrlik said. “The volumes that come from the Journal of the American Revolution–Westholme partnership will provide a tremendous resource to history enthusiasts and educators.”

Stay tuned to for the latest news about the forthcoming books.

About Journal of the American Revolution

In a world of increasing historical illiteracy and apathy, Journal of the American Revolution ( publishes passionate, creative and smart content intended to make history more palatable. Its editorial menu offers a healthy variety of in-depth features and engaging columns, in both short- and long-form, with an eye for accuracy over legend. Its daily goals are simple: Make serious history more approachable among a diverse audience and regularly deliver original, unique and engaging material to readers. Collectively, the online magazine’s rapidly growing archive — now 350+ articles — provides amazing substance, depth and breadth as it strives to become the leading source of information about the American Revolution and Founding era. Journal of the American Revolution founder and editor Todd Andrlik is the author of Reporting the Revolutionary War: Before It Was History, It Was News (Sourcebooks, 2012), which was name the Best American Revolution Book of 2012 by the New York American Revolution Roundtable.

About Westholme Publishing

Westholme ( is an independent publisher of trade books. The press is noted for its distinguished titles in a variety of subject areas, including American and world history, military history, ancient and medieval studies, sports, and science. Westholme books are available worldwide. Bruce H. Franklin began his publishing career in 1987 at the University of Chicago Press. His knowledge of the publishing business covers book design and production, marketing and sales, acquisitions, contracts, and subsidiary rights. He is the author of The Buckley-Class Destroyer Escorts and a contributor to the Naval Warfare Encyclopedia.


  • Great news and congratulations! JAR is already my first read in the morning. The works presented here are the labors of love and enlightenment and have earned a place on my shelf!

  • Congratulations, Todd, and the rest of the folks who have contributed to and edited All Things Liberty. Glad to see that a print publisher has realized what a great opportunity this presented. It also gives your many contributors another way to reach an even wider audience.

  • This is excellent news, congratulation to the Journal and all those involved. Two of the best entities working together will only produce top notch quality items for American Revolution history.

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