Revolutionary War History Geek Gift Guide 2014


November 19, 2014
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It’s that time of year again – time to find the perfect holiday gift for the history lover in your life, even if that person is you! Sharpen up your quill, mix up some ink powder, smooth out a new sheet of laid paper and start making out that list. The Editors here at Journal of the American Revolution have made it easy for you once again this year; here are our great gift ideas for 2014.


Pens from Wood that Witnessed History

Who needs a quill and ink powder when you can have a fine writing instrument with a direct connection to the American Revolution! Heirloom Gift Pens are made from fallen limbs of trees growing at historic sites including the battlefields at Princeton and Monmouth, the encampment at Valley Forge and others. Classy and useful, these beautiful pens let you hold history in your hand. [BUY]


1771 Map iPhone Case

If you’ve left behind the world of handwriting and are totally committed to the digital age, then a fine phone case is for you. When location services let you down and your battery is stone dead, you can still rely on this trusty 1771 map to find your way around one of America’s favorite vacation spots. [BUY]


1777 Map of the New York City Area

Need a bigger map, or one of a different place? You can find an amazing selection of high-quality reproductions at . Maps made during the American Revolution were striking works of draftsmanship, carefully illustrated and colored; an accurate reproduction makes a fine decoration that will also augment your research. EXCLUSIVE JAR READER DISCOUNT CODE: Use “liberty” at checkout for 20% off your purchase through January 1, 2015. [BUY]


Monticello Tulip Poplar Letter Opener

Your mailbox will be overflowing with compliments on your fine map collection; what better way to open those cards and letters than with a handmade letter opener crafted from a tree planted by Thomas Jefferson himself. A great way to connect with one of the greatest minds of our nation’s history. [BUY]


Keep Montcalm and Carillon T-Shirt

Although the names refer to the French & Indian War rather than the American Revolution, this shirt from Fort Ticonderoga is the most clever take yet on a popular meme. Support one of the nation’s finest historic sites by getting a garment that you’re sure to have to explain to everyone who sees it – a great way to talk history! [BUY]


A Book from your Favorite JAR Author

Many contributors to Journal of the American Revolution have written nonfiction books that are as good or better than the articles that you love to read. Check the author biographies, or look for their names at major history presses like Westholme Publishing. [BUY]


Monticello Revolving Bookstand

With so many great books to read, it’s important to have more than one open at a time. Thomas Jefferson thought so, and had a book stand designed for just that purpose. You can own a superb replica of this innovative device that will make your library a much more useful place. [BUY]


Wooden Top

The founding fathers were interested in science as well as politics. Inquisitive minds of all ages enjoy the gyroscopic fascination of the spinning top, a timeless toy that was as popular in colonial America as it is today. [BUY]


Washington’s Brief Visit to Mount Vernon

Who has time for books and tops when there’s a war to fight? General Washington didn’t; while you’re pondering your own busy schedule, you can get some solace from original artwork depicting the Commander-in-Chief’s brief stop at his beloved Virginia home, a short sojourn while he was traveling on business. [BUY]


Tim Cratchit’s Christmas Carol

One of Journal of the American Revolution‘s regular contributors, Jim Piecuch, ambitiously wrote the sequel to Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. The novel shows us Tiny Tim as an adult and recently won Best New Fiction in the USA Book Awards competition. Give this book to your history geek friend and explain it is authored by a top Revolutionary War historian. [BUY]


Pine Tree Flag Baseball Hat

Show your interest in the American Revolution with a cap featuring a motif from a flag that flew during the conflict. A subdued but attractive design that is sure to evoke questions that you’ll love to answer. [BUY]


Gift Membership to a Local Historic Site or Organization

Perhaps the best gift of all to a history lover is one that supports the preservation of history. Give a membership to your favorite nearby site, whether it’s near you or the person you’re giving it too. Every region has museums large and small that need your help – give a gift that gives back!


  • Thank you for including in your 2014 Revolutionary War History Geek Gift Guide. We are big fans of the Journal and very excited to be a part of it. We would like to offer a 20% holiday discount exclusively to your readers as a token of our appreciation. The coupon code is “liberty” and it should be entered at checkout. The discount code expires on January 1, 2015.

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