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Top 10 Most Popular Articles in October 2013

October was a month of many amazing milestones for us. We surpassed 250,000 readers, 1000 comments and 200 articles. We also sent our first collector’s hardcover edition to the printer (read the official press announcement). If you’ve enjoyed the 100% free daily content we’ve been providing since January, please show your support by buying a […]

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“Congress Does Not Trust Me. I Cannot Continue Thus.”

“Congress Does Not Trust Me. I Cannot Continue Thus.” These are two of the most important sentences George Washington ever spoke. Almost instantly they destroyed a plot aimed at ruining his reputation and forcing him into humiliated retirement. At least as important, the words marked the big Virginian’s emergence as a political leader with talents […]

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Media, Memory and Revolution

Icons of the American Revolution are ubiquitous in American culture. They grace our currency, sell Hondas in television ads, teach lessons via children’s cartoons, climb the history bestseller lists, and dot our landscape on markers and memorials. This isn’t surprising. The Revolution is our first real “story” as an independent nation, distinct from native and […]

by Janice Hume
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Best American Revolution Book Ever

Groundbreaking New Book About American Revolution Debunks Myths, Addresses Unanswered Questions in Remarkable Style New “Edutaining” History Book Loaded with Fascinating Discoveries and Expert Analysis of American Revolution. The Revolutionary War is Exceptionally Presented in this Compilation of 60 Essays by 20 Historians. Okay, best ever might be a stretch, but we are thrilled to […]

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Commemorating the Battle of Charlotte

Thursday, September 26, 2013, represented the 233rd anniversary of the Battle of Charlotte, a small but important skirmish between local Carolina militia and the full might of Lord Cornwallis’s British army. In the late summer of 1780, local militia received word that Cornwallis’s army was on the march from Camden, South Carolina towards Charlotte.  Militia […]

by Scott Syfert
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Most Overrated Revolutionary?

John Paul Jones. A good ship captain and tenacious fighter but an abysmally bad squadron commander and a tireless self-promoter and schemer, who was deservedly disliked by subordinates and peers and who certainly does not warrant the title “Father of the United States Navy.” –Dennis M. Conrad   Tough question—most of the characters are forgotten, […]

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Most Underrated Revolutionary?

While Nathanael Greene is getting greater recognition, I believe his contributions are still undervalued because the American cause in the South was on “life support” when he assumed command in 1780 and in less than a year and with virtually no outside material or manpower support, he redeemed it. –Dennis M. Conrad   All are […]

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