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Easton’s Missing Dead

When it comes to Pennsylvania military hospitals during the Revolution apart from Philadelphia, Bethlehem has received a great deal of (appropriate) attention by scholars mainly because (1) it became the new Headquarters of the Hospital Department under Dr. Shippen, and (2) shortly after wounded arrived, the town began to see a very high mortality rate. […]

by Thomas Verenna
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The Worrisome Age of King George III

Four years into the Seven Years’ War, an expensive global conflict known better as the French and Indian War in America, a twenty-two-year-old prince was crowned King of the British Empire upon the death of his grandfather, King George II. The London Gazette was the first to publish news of the accession of King George […]

by Todd Andrlik
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Samuel Chase’s Wild Ride

Myth: “In 1776, when Maryland instructed its delegates to the Continental Congress to vote against independence, Chase launched a successful campaign to persuade the Maryland assembly to reverse its position. In the next two days he rode one hundred miles and arrived in Philadelphia just in time to sign the Declaration of Independence.” –American National […]

by Ray Raphael
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Spring Break Road Trip – Day 4 (MD, VA)

After an early morning drive-by of multiple Maryland monuments and historical sites, we focused our attention on Virginia. Whoever said doing Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg in one day was impossible never drove a Porsche Cayenne. George Washington’s estate opens at 8 am, Colonial Williamsburg closes at 5 pm, and they are separated by a […]

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