Author: Derrick E. Lapp

Derrick E. Lapp, a former US Army officer, holds a BA in History from the Virginia Military Institute and an MA in Historical Studies from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His work has been published in the Journal of Military History and U.S. Military History Review.

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Love, American (Revolution) Style: the Romances of Otho Holland Williams

The senate chamber of the Maryland State House was more crowded than usual. It was December 23, 1783. Congress had recently relocated to Annapolis, and now George Washington was in town to fulfill a promise he made eight years earlier. “I went with several others to see Gen. Washington resign his Commission,” Annapolis socialite Mary […]

by Derrick E. Lapp
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The Fall of Fort Washington: The “Bunker Hill Effect”?

It was the one of the worst defeats suffered by the Americans during the War for Independence, certainly the worst over which George Washington had direct command. Historian David McCullough perhaps characterized the debacle best, writing that after experiencing “one humiliating, costly reverse after another,” during the New York campaign of 1776, “the surrender of […]

by Derrick E. Lapp