Top 10 Articles of September 2015


September 30, 2015
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Students across the United States are back in school and using Journal of the American Revolution as a key resource in history classes and coursework. We can tell by all the traffic stemming from .edu referrers. And with more than 650 articles to search, they’re smart to do so.  In September, we welcomed Robert Carver Brooks, Norman Desmarais, Bryan Rindfleisch and Conner Runyan to our rapidly growing roster of writers. We also began selecting our most resourceful articles of the year to be featured in the 2016 annual volume, which we expect to publish in March 2016. Thank you to all our loyal readers for your continued support and special thanks to our September advertiser, Old Ninety Six District Tourism Commission, which features several historically significant sites worth visiting. Click for more information. Cheers to September and see you again on Monday, October 5.

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of September 2015

  1. George Galphin and the War in the South, 1775-1780 by Bryan Rindfleisch
  2. Joseph Plumb Martin, Soldier-Author by Robert Carver Brooks
  3. Forgotten Volunteers: The 1st Company, Governors Foot Guard During the Saratoga Campaign by Matthew Reardon
  4. A Brief Guide to the British Government by Will Monk
  5. When Rabble-rousing Samuel Adams Slowed Down the Revolution by Ray Raphael
  6. Russia and the American War for Independence by Norman Desmarais
  7. A Tale of Two Cities: The Destruction of Falmouth and the Defense of Hampton by Michael Cecere
  8. Aaron Burr’s Other Famous Adversary by Michael Schellhammer
  9. The Monument That Never Was by Conner Runyan
  10. Henry Laurens’ 15 Months in the Tower by Bob Ruppert

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