Top 10 Most Popular Articles in February 2013

Our second month since launch was equally educational and entertaining with outstanding contributions by several new authors, including Pamela Murrow, Taylor Stoermer, Ray Raphael, Scott Syfert, Samuel A. Forman, and Don N. Hagist. The Journal also featured works from returning contributors Hugh T. Harrington, Michael Schellhammer, Todd Andrlik, and David Lee Russell.  If it isn’t obvious by now, Journal of the American Revolution is a multi-author online magazine so we welcome new editorial submissions and ideas. Below are the 10 most popular articles based on February’s site traffic. Enjoy!

Top 10 Most Popular JAR Articles in February 2013

10 // Life in the Southern Colonies (Part 3 of 3) by David Lee Russell

9 // Top 10 American Revolution YouTube Videos by Todd Andrlik

8 // Revolutionary War 101: Beginning Books by Hugh T. Harrington

7 // Top 10 Revolutionary War Novels by Hugh T. Harrington

6 // Second Coming of a Revolutionary War Patriot by Scott Syfert

5 // Valentine to Miss Mercy Scollay by Samuel A. Forman

4 // The True Start of the American Revolution by Ray Raphael

3 // John Adams’s Rule of Thirds by Michael Schellhammer

2 // The Essential American Revolution Library by Hugh T. Harrington

1 // Top 10 Facts About British Soldiers by Don N. Hagist


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