Top 10 American Revolution YouTube Videos

YouTube is synonymous with Gangnam Style, Giant Double Rainbows and the Evolution of Dance, but not the American Revolution, right?


When it comes to fun and funny videos about the Revolution era, YouTube has a surplus of choices. I’m not talking about Yale’s American Revolution course, classic School House Rock episodes, crazy mash-ups of The Patriot, or even the creepy Washington Speaks video. And I’m not talking about unlicensed footage from practically every film or mini-series about the period either. I’m talking about unadulterated YouTubers — short, original videos of a viral nature, often created exclusively for an internet audience. Many have extremely high production values that may offset any cringing due to historical inaccuracies. WARNING: All videos are family friendly with the exception of video Nos. 8 and 7, which have NSFW (Not Safe For Work) language and perhaps deserve a PG-13 rating.

Without further ado, here are my top 10 American Revolution YouTube videos. Disclaimer: Some of the videos relate to eras before and after the Revolution, but I made an exception for their outstanding performances. Enjoy.

10 // History Reimagined: Declaration of Independence

9 // Dodge “Freedom”

8 // Drunk History: Alexander Hamilton

7 // Drunk History: Benjamin Franklin

6 // Polite War

5 // Adams and Jefferson Drive-Thru

4 // The Battle of Bunker Hill – Class Assignment?

3 // Evil Baby Orphanage

2 // Too Late to Apologize

1 // Robot Chicken: 1776

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