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British Soldiers, American War – Voices of the American Revolution

Americans, even Americans who enjoy studying the American Revolution, don’t know much about the British soldiers.  While British officers have left some written accounts of themselves and their experiences the private soldiers’ left very, very little. Don Hagist has filled the knowledge void for the private soldier as well as it can be filled.  Personal […]

by Hugh T. Harrington
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Liberty Tavern

Published in 1976 but currently available in an electronic version via Amazon  and Barnes and Noble. This is historical fiction at its finest.  The setting, characters and history are all very well developed.  The reader is drawn into the Revolutionary War as experienced by a family and their neighbors as they are forced to take […]

by Hugh T. Harrington
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Valentine to Miss Mercy Scollay

When researching the biography of Revolutionary War hero Dr. Joseph Warren, I had the unexpected pleasure of becoming acquainted with his fiancée Miss Mercy Scollay. Readers of the Journal of the American Revolution may already be familiar with Joseph Warren as the author of the foundational Suffolk Resolves, head of the Massachusetts Committee of Safety […]

by Samuel A. Forman
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The Essential American Revolution Library

The American Revolution is quite obviously a very broad topic.  It would require a huge quantity of books, even watered down to the “essentials,” to adequately cover all facets of the war.  The hypothetical library would have to contain volumes on politics, biographies of major and minor players, continent-wide strategies, battles, tactics, equipment and supply. […]

by Hugh T. Harrington
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Top 10 Most Popular Articles in January 2013

January was an exciting launch month for us. We published a smorgasbord of great content from several authors: Todd Andrlik, Rick Britton, Hugh T. Harrington, David Lee Russell, Michael Schellhammer, and Morgan Sumrell. Journal of the American Revolution is a multi-author online magazine so we always welcome new editorial submissions and ideas. Contact us today […]

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