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Contributor Question: What Scene Do You Wish Had been Depicted Accurately by an Artist?

We asked our contributors what seemed like a simple question: What scene from the American Revolution or the Founding Era (1765–1805, approximately) do you wish had been depicted accurately by an artist? Quite unintentionally, the wording was ambiguous. Some described scenes that they’d like to see an artist render, while others offered events that they […]

by Editors
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My Adventure Finding a Lost Newspaper

While curating the collection of American Revolution newspapers featured in Reporting the Revolutionary War, I stumbled upon a rare 18th century American newspaper loaded with mystery and intrigue. Most newspapers of the era are well documented and catalogued by academic research institutions, but this one seemed to have slipped through the cracks for more than […]

by Todd Andrlik
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April Morning

April Morning is a novel covering a 24 hour period in Lexington, Massachusetts when the American War for Independence began.  The story is compellingly told by a 15 year old Lexington boy, Adam Cooper. The reader sees young Cooper’s life on the afternoon and evening before the fateful day in such a realistic manner that […]

by Hugh T. Harrington