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Jean Duplessis-Bertaux, Storming of the Tuileries on 10. Aug. 1792 during the French Revolution (1793). (Agence photographique de la Réunion des musées nationaux via Wikimedia Commons)

We’re back! After celebrating our 1000th article and taking a summer break, we’re back in the saddle again with a healthy backlog of new articles and writers. Speaking of which, four new authors joined JAR in July and August: Daniel M. Sivilich, Joseph Lee Boyle, John Happ and Jeffrey Pennington.

In July, we said goodbye to our good friend and colleague, Tom Fleming. Tom was a true believer in collaborative history, always happy to collaborate on a meaningful project or help a fellow historian in need. He was an active JAR contributor from 2013 to 2015 and consistently the first responder to our group interview questionnaires. He will be greatly missed and leaves an impressive legacy that spans more than 20 nonfiction books and numerous broadcast productions.

Now, our most popular August articles:

  1. Sergeant Simon Giffin and his journal of the Revolution by Phillip R. Giffin
  2. Continental Army Major Generals: The Best Biographies by Gene Procknow
  3. Did Benedict Arnold’s fleet plunder an American settlement? by Ennis Duling
  4. Casimir Pulaski’s Difficulties in Recruiting his Legion by Joseph E. Wroblewski
  5. Evolution of a Duel by Jeffrey Pennington
  6. The Tireless Pension Pursuit of Bristol Budd Sampson by Robert N. Fanelli
  7. Revolution Against Empire: Taxes, Politics and the Origins of American Independence by Alec D. Rogers
  8. LaFayette, the American Experience by John Happ
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