Author: John E. Happ

John E. Happ is a contributing author to the Journal of the American Revolution, has written for the World War One I site, The 75th Artillery C.A.C., and the adventure magazine, Atlantic Coastal Kayaker. A native of the Chicago area, but immersed in the contrasting narratives of foreign cultures since college in Spain, he speaks five languages. His varied assignments in Germany, Switzerland, the Philippines and Japan contribute greatly to his research on the American legacy around the world. Portrait image by Jamie Ferguson.

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The Dorchester Heights Memorial, South Boston, and the Celebration of Evacuation Day

On my way to Boston’s Logan Airport a while ago a taxi driver pointed towards Boston Harbor and started telling me about a Revolutionary War monument located behind South Boston High School. As an Irish-American transplant from Chicago, green-colored Red Sox hats and the reputation of the South Boston Irish are very real manifestations of […]

by John E. Happ
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Thadeuz Kosciusko and the American Legacy in Europe

Monarchy everywhere fundamentally detested the American colonists. They expected subjects to respect the crown and abide established class rule. They resented our insubordination and they resented our “peasant” assertions of rights. While history records altruistic anecdotes about France aiding the American cause, the primary motive for any support of the American colonists in the war […]

by John E. Happ
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LaFayette, the American Experience

I had the opportunity to visit the grave of the Revolutionary War hero the Marquis de LaFayette recently. As the American colonists were seeking to take more local control over their own affairs from the British, fighting against “taxation without representation,” and fighting for “the separation of church and State,” many people outside of America […]

by John E. Happ