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May 31, 2017
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It was a busy month so here is a quick recap. In May, we welcomed more than 75,000 unique readers and two new writers: Aaron J. Palmer and Kyle Dalton. Our 2017 collectible hardcover and our newest JAR book series book—Invasion of Virginia, 1781 by Michael Cecere—make great Father’s Day gifts and support JAR efforts. Our newest advertiser, author Martin R. Ganzglass, is promoting his exciting new novel, Spies and Deserters, which depicts real life experiences during the Revolutionary War. Lastly, we published many fascinating essays last month. Here’s the 10 most popular:

  1. The South Carolina backcountry in mid 1780 by Ian Saberton
  2. Unappreciated Allies: Choctaws, Creeks, and the Defense of British West Florida, 1781 by Jim Piecuch
  3. The Setauket Raid – December 1777 by Phillip R. Giffin
  4. The 3rd New Jersey Regiment’s Plundering of Johnson Hall by Philip D. Weaver
  5. How many troops did Cornwallis actually bring to the Battle of Guilford? by Ian Saberton
  6. We Have Sacrificed Our All by Conner Runyan
  7. Hearts of Oak on Canvas: Watson and the Shark by Kyle Dalton
  8. Understanding Thomas Jefferson’s Reactions to the Rise of the Jacobins by Zachary Brown
  9. The American Gunners at Yorktown by William W. Reynolds
  10. The “Battle at McIntire’s Farm”: Joseph Graham as Historian of the Revolution by Hershel Parker

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