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March 23, 2017
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Did you hear the news? Two awesome American Revolution museums are opening in the next 30 days, providing the bookends of an epic Philadelphia to Yorktown family road trip itinerary this summer! The grand opening celebration of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown is going on today, March 23, through April 4, officially launching the impressive new museum that replaces the Yorktown Victory Center. Through comprehensive indoor exhibits and outdoor living history, the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown offers a truly national perspective. The 13 days of kick-off festivities from March 23 to April 4 are definitely worth highlighting as they include an impressive colony-by-colony line-up of speakers and events scheduled during that time. Check out the museum grand opening website for details.

In other big news, Journal of the American Revolution published the 100 Best American Revolution Books of All Time, our definitive list of outstanding secondary sources that is sure to stimulate discussion and debate for decades to come. 🙂  Speaking of books, we have two new hardcover volumes due out in a few short weeks:

  1. Our next book series book is The Invasion of Virginia, 1781 by Michael Cecere. Surprisingly, Virginia, the largest of the original thirteen colonies, saw relatively little fighting for the first six years of the Revolutionary War. This changed in 1781 when British and American forces converged on Virginia with a vengeance. How it did so and what happened as a result is the focus of our latest volume in the Journal of the American Revolution Books series. Pre-order your copy today!
  2. Our shiny new 2017 collectible hardback is also due out in just a few weeks. It features nearly 50 outstanding essays, polished and re-mixed for your printed consumption. Featuring helpful charts, a comprehensive index, new images and fresh perspectives, the book is designed for institutions, scholars, and enthusiasts to provide a convenient overview of the latest research and scholarship in American Revolution studies. Pre-orders are now available.

In wearable news, we unveiled several new t-shirt designs in our shop, including a stylish retro 70s design. We also welcomed two new writers: Brett Bannor and Michael Jacobson. Some say we don’t know how to relax around here, but we are planning to prove them wrong with a short holiday. Just as many schools are going on spring break, we will be taking a short hiatus to recover from all the exciting activity in our world and will return to our regular programming the week of April 10. Feel free to use this time to catch up on our archives and book recommendations, as well as visit the new American Revolution Museum at Yorktown (and let us know about your experience).

Finally, as we close out March a bit early, our tradition continues with the 10 most popular articles of the past month. Enjoy!

  1. The 100 Best American Revolution Books of All Time by Editors
  2. Country Crowds in Revolutionary Massachusetts: Mobs and Militia by Ray Raphael
  3. Experience, Policies, Failures: President Washington & The Native Americans by Geoff Smock
  4. Benedict Arnold’s Phantom Duel by John Knight
  5. A Republic of Wool: Founding Era Americans’ Grand Plans for Sheep by Brett Bannor
  6. Henry Defendorff: A Very Intelligent Man by Philip D. Weaver
  7. Lafayette: An Acerbic Tongue or an Incisive Judge of Character? by Gene Procknow
  8. Admiral Rodney Ousts the Jews from St. Eustatius by Louis Arthur Norton
  9. The Prowess of American Riflemen: A Mystery Now Solved by Ian Saberton
  10. Fort Anne: Remembering the Continental Army’s First Stand Against Burgoyne by Michael Jacobson

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