Top 10 Articles of January 2017


January 31, 2017
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Cheers to the shiny new 2017, our fifth year of publishing educational content! Woo hoo! Talk about a busy January. We announced our 2016 book award winners, launched pre-orders of our 2017 annual hardcover edition, welcomed back an important advertiser, and hosted our ninth group interview. Never a dull moment at the JAR. If you’re free the weekend of March 24 and looking for something Revolutionary to do, please check out the 6th Annual Conference of the American Revolution. It looks like a another great one. And before we slide into February, here’s a look back at last month’s most popular articles:

  1. Major Misconceptions to Dispel? Group Interview
  2. Blame Canada: The Quebec Act & The American Revolution by Geoff Smock
  3. Ultimate Sacrifice? Group Interview
  4. George Washington Tells a Lie by Benjamin Huggins
  5. Best Working Friendship? Group Interview
  6. North Carolina Patriot Women Who Talked Back to the Tories by Hershel Parker
  7. Worst Working Relationship? Group Interview
  8. Those Who Could Not Serve by Bob Ruppert
  9. Hugh Mercer: Doctor and Warrior by Jeff Dacus
  10. Weirdest Moment? Group Interview

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