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Top 10 Articles of May 2016

We are putting a bow on a busy May, which welcomed two new writers—Isabel Friedman, Ron Morgan—and featured a healthy menu of fresh research. In case you didn’t hear, three new books are now available at your favorite book stores: Journal of the American Revolution: Annual Volume 2016 “Even better this year!” —Gene Procknow, contributing writer, Journal of the American […]

by Editors
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Battle of Gwynn’s Island: Lord Dunmore’s Last Stand in Virginia

With the Revolutionary War entering its second year in May of 1776, the focus of most Virginians was not on events to the north in Massachusetts, but rather, in Williamsburg and Norfolk.  On May 15, the 5th Virginia Convention in Williamsburg (comprised of delegates from all the counties) voted unanimously to support independence from Great […]

by Michael Cecere
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Command and Control During the Yorktown Campaign

The definitions of joint command of land, maritime, air and other forces as practiced by the United States military today were unknown to those who practiced warfare in the eighteenth century. However, the concepts outlined in contemporary definitions were known to military practitioners during that period.[1] General Washington understood the importance of unifying his efforts […]

by Patrick H. Hannum
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Arthur St. Clair’s Decision to Abandon Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Independence

On the night of July 5-6, 1777, an American army under the command of Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair abruptly withdrew from the twin fortifications of Ticonderoga and Mount Independence, abandoning them (along with a massive quantity of supplies and ordnance) to an advancing British and German force from Canada under the command of L. […]

by Ron Morgan
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Daniel Boone: Facts vs. Hearsay

In Hollywood terms, biographies of Daniel Boone might be advertised as, “Based on a true story.” Daniel Boone being known as a legendary Kentucky trailblazer is an undisputed fact in American history. That he was a backcountry militia leader during the Revolutionary War is a fact substantiated primarily by sketchy frontier rosters and pension statements […]

by John L. Smith, Jr.