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May 31, 2016
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We are putting a bow on a busy May, which welcomed two new writers—Isabel Friedman, Ron Morgan—and featured a healthy menu of fresh research.

In case you didn’t hear, three new books are now available at your favorite book stores:

“Even better this year!” —Gene Procknow, contributing writer, Journal of the American Revolution

“This is undoubtedly the finest history of a campaign I have ever read. It is well documented, engagingly written and thoroughly researched with primary sources. What more could anyone ask? Todd Braisted is an acknowledged expert and his expertise shines in this fine book. I unhesitatingly recommend this book.” —Hugh T. Harrington, editor emeritus, Journal of the American Revolution

“Here is the suspenseful story of how a handful of mechanics in 1774 smuggled Boston’s brass cannon out of town from under the noses of the British troops. J. L. Bell is a historical detective par excellence who has recovered an important, little-known episode of the onset of the American Revolution.” —Alfred F. Young, author, The Shoemaker and the Tea Party: Memory and the American Revolution

And stay tuned as we expect to announce our next book series book soon.

Also, this is the last call to register for Fort Plain’s Conference on the American Revolution, June 9-12. You definitely don’t want to miss an event with this impressive of an itinerary and author line-up. Cheers to summer and enjoy our 10 most popular articles of May 2016!

  1. Untangling British Army Ranks by Don N. Hagist
  2. Mount Independence: “The Most Intact Revolutionary War Site in America” by Michael Barbieri
  3. Daniel Boone: Facts vs Hearsay by John L. Smith, Jr.
  4. The Loyalist Guides of Lexington and Concord by Alexander Cain
  5. Arthur St. Clair’s Decision to Abandon Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Independence by Ron Morgan
  6. The Loyalist Exodus of 1778 by Jim Piecuch
  7. Paddy Carr, “A Honey of a Patriot” by Wayne Lynch
  8. Murder or Justifiable Homicide? Crime Scene Investigation: Bergen County by Todd W. Braisted
  9. A Prisoner’s Poem: Philip Freneau’s Account of a British Prison Ship by Michelle Porter
  10. Command and Control During the Yorktown Campaign by Patrick H. Hannum


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