Top 10 Most Popular Articles of February 2016


February 29, 2016
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February felt like National New JAR Contributor Month with four new writers: Ennis Duling, Anthony J. Minna, Thomas Thorleifur Sobol and Tyler Rudd Putman. Welcome aboard! That makes seven new JAR authors in the first two months of 2016 and 120 total JAR contributors since we launched! Together we have now published more than 725 articles with many more fascinating pieces on the horizon! Speaking of numbers, we reached another impressive milestone in February on social media: 10,000 Facebook page likes! And we recently introduced our newest collectible hardcover book, Journal of the American Revolution, Annual Volume 2016, which is now available for pre-order via Amazon. Last year’s edition sold out in a few weeks, so we encourage you to pre-order now. Delivery is expected in April. For those who have been anxiously awaiting the second printing of our 2015 edition, we are happy to inform you that our publishing partner, Westholme, announced they will also be available and delivering in April.

Two more excellent American Revolution book recommendations (and these are sure to sell out quickly, so buy your copies early): Grand Forage 1778 by Todd W. Braisted and The Road to Concord by J. L. Bell are publishing this April and serve as the first two books of Journal of the American Revolution‘s new book series. For those who love new research and intensive investigations of pivotal yet lesser known Revolutionary moments, these are must reads!

Now, as tradition goes…

The Top 10 Most Popular Articles of February 2016

  1. Why God is in the Declaration but not the Constitution by Anthony J. Minna
  2. George Washington Convenes a Firing Squad by Joshua Shepherd
  3. The Stockbridge Mohican Community, 1775-1783 by Bryan Rindfleisch
  4. Conrad Heyer Did Not Cross the Delaware by Don N. Hagist
  5. Two Years Aboard the Welcome: The American Revolution on Lake Huron by Tyler Rudd Putman
  6. The Touro Synagogue: Peter Harrison, George Washington and Religious Freedom in America by Joseph Manca
  7. Traveling to the Second Continental Congress by Will Monk
  8. The Carefree and Kindhearted General George Washington by Nancy K. Loane
  9. Virginia Looking Westward: From Lord Dunmore’s War through the Revolution by Thomas Thorleifur Sobol
  10. The Battle of Vigie Peninsula by Bob Ruppert

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