Year in Review: Top 30 Articles of 2015


January 8, 2016
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The year 2015 was our best ever. Online, we published 200 articles by scores of expert writers and welcomed 1.1 million unique readers. Our existing content has become an authoritative source with high search rankings, ensuring that our articles reach researchers and fact-finders around the world. In print, we published our 2015 Annual Volume and it sold out within weeks. A second printing is in the works and will hopefully be available in late winter or early spring. In case you missed it, earlier this week we announced Independence Lost by Kathleen DuVal as our 2015 Book of the Year Award winner.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Top 30 Most Popular Articles of 2015

  1. How was the Revolutionary War Paid for by John L. Smith, Jr.
  2. How the British Won the American Revolutionary War by Gene Procknow
  3. Top 10 Revolutionary War Newspapers by Carol Sue Humphrey
  4. 10 Quotes from Valley Forge by Nancy K. Loane
  5. The Real Immortal Words of John Paul Jones by Michael Schellhammer
  6. How Paul Revere’s Ride was Published and Censored in 1775 by Todd Andrlik
  7. India: The Last Battle of the American Revolutionary War by John L. Smith, Jr.
  8. 20 Terrifying Revolutionary War Soldier Experiences by Thomas Verenna
  9. 9 Rules of Spying that Nathan Hale Failed to Follow by John L. Smith, Jr.
  10. Why did George Washington become a Revolutionary by Ray Raphael
  11. Murder Along the Creek: Taking a Closer Look at the Sugarloaf Massacre by Thomas Verenna
  12. George Washington’s Use of Humor During the Revolutionary War by Joseph Manca
  13. Lafayette’s Second Voyage to America: Lafayette and L’Hermione by Kim Burdick
  14. “The Rattlesnake Tells the Story” by Bob Ruppert
  15. The Hessian Jagerkorps in New York and Pennsylvania, 1776-1777 by David Ross
  16. 10 Facts About Prisoners of War by Gary Shattuck
  17. Tides and Tonnage: A Different Take on the Boston Tea Party by Hugh T. Harrington
  18. The Loyalist Refugee Experience in Canada by Alexander Cain
  19. Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death”–Granddaddy of Revolution Mythologies by Ray Raphael
  20. 4 Infamous Intelligence Failures by Michael Schellhammer
  21. Visiting Boston’s Liberty Tree Site by John L. Smith, Jr.
  22. A Shocking Havoc: The Plundering of Westfield, New Jersey by Jason R. Wickersty
  23. The American Crisis Before Crossing the Delaware by Jett Conner
  24. Enlisting Lasses: Women Who Aspired to be Soldiers by Don N. Hagist
  25. Russia and the American War for Independence by Norman Desmarais
  26. Invading America: The Flatboats that Landed Thousands of British Troops on American Beaches by Hugh T. Harrington
  27. George Washington or John Hanson: Who Was the First President by Ray Raphael
  28. His Majesty’s Indian Allies: 10 Notables by Joshua Shepherd
  29. Vice-Admiralty Courts and Writs of Assistance by Bob Ruppert
  30. Indian Patriots from Eastern Massachusetts: Six Perspectives by Daniel J. Tortora


  • Editors,
    While I am happy to see one of my articles at no. 16, please be sure to add Don Hagist’s name to it. I’ll take credit for the POW article on Christopher French, but it was Don who suggested we do a separate one in advance that addressed overall POW issues. Plus, he was the one who graciously loaned me some literature that made the French article possible, as well as adding some editing flourishes. It was a team effort. Thanks.

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