Top 10 Articles of November 2015


November 28, 2015
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November was packed with fascinating articles, intriguing interviews and a much-requested review of the Broadway musical Hamilton. Our readers took a Revolutionary tour of Arlington Cemetery and our editors shared a few gift ideas for fellow history geeks. Later in the month, Journal of the American Revolution officially surpassed 3 million pageviews and 2.5 million unique readers. Not bad for three years of “all things liberty.” We also welcomed three new writers: Joshua Horn, Eric Sterner and James Kirby Martin. And we celebrated our first three-time advertiser: The must-attend American Revolution conference of 2016.

December will be a short but significant month. During the week of November 30 to December 4, we will be hosting our seventh group interview with questions about Native Americans, “Founding Fathers,” evolving perspectives, wishful introductions and funny stories. Our group interviews are always a blast with a variety of viewpoints and intellectual fodder, and this one keeps up the tradition with astute commentary by Fleming, Raphael, Carp, Ferling, Bell, Martin, Piecuch, Braisted, Hagist and many more. Then, for the balance of December, the editors of Journal of the American Revolution will be taking holiday to work on our Annual Volume 2016 and prep an exciting pipeline of new articles for January.

In January, we’ll celebrate our 3-year anniversary and our 700th article published. Who says there is nothing new to write about the Revolution?

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of November 2015

  1. His Majesty’s Indian Allies: 10 Notables by Joshua Shepherd
  2. British Veterans of Two Wars by Don N. Hagist
  3. The American Vicars of Bray by Todd W. Braisted
  4. William Whitlow’s Wife: Did he love her too much? by Don N. Hagist
  5. A Revolutionary Guide to Arlington Cemetery by Gene Procknow
  6. Fever by Kim Burdick
  7. Washington Plays Hardball with the Howes by John L. Smith, Jr.
  8. Peter Muhlenberg: The Pastor Turned Soldier by Joshua Horn
  9. George Mason: Author of Rights by Bob Ruppert
  10. Absolving David Fanning-From Dreck to Rumph by Hershel Parker

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