Top 10 Articles of October 2015

Detail of casualties from John Trumbull's painting titled "The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton." (Yale University Art Gallery)

Things never slow down. October was another busy month for Journal of the American Revolution. We are hard at work compiling the next annual volume (March 2016) and working with our authors to wrap up the two inaugural volumes of our book series. We also had a flurry of book award nominations (November 15 deadline) and welcomed four new writers: Stuart Hatfield, Allison K. Lange, Patrick H. Hannum and Brianna Heverly. Thanks again to our September and October advertiser, Old Ninety Six District Tourism Commission, which features several historically significant sites worth visiting. Click for more information.

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of October 2015

  1. Richard Williams Maps the Siege of Boston by Allison K. Lange
  2. New Light on Battle Casualties: The 9th Regiment at Brandywine by Patrick H. Hannum
  3. Faking It: British Counterfeiting During the American Revolution by Stuart Hatfield
  4. Winter Soldiering in the Lake Champlain Valley by Michael Barbieri
  5. More Than a Library: The David Library of the American Revolution by Brianna Heverly
  6. George Baylor: Spirited, Willing and Wrong for the Job by J. L. Bell
  7. Furloughs, Discharges and the End of the Continental Army by Bob Ruppert
  8. Revolution: Mapping the Road to American Independence – book review by Don N. Hagist
  9. The Spirit of ’74: How the American Revolution Began – book review by Hugh T. Harrington
  10. Native Americans in the American Revolution – book review by Joshua Butler


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