Top 10 Articles of September 2014


September 30, 2014
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Journal of the American Revolution is the leading source of knowledge about the American Revolution and Founding Era. We feature smart, groundbreaking research and well-written narratives from expert writers. Our work has been featured by the New York Times, TIME magazine, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian, Mental Floss, NPR, and more. Journal of the American Revolution also produces annual hardcover volumes, a branded book series, and the podcast, Dispatches

Journal of the American Revolution is having a productive sophomore year on all fronts. Since launching in January 2013, we have published nearly 450 articles by 70+ writers and our readership continues to increase. For the last half-year we have averaged 65,000 readers per month. If you’re a talented nonfiction writer with a passion for the Revolution and Founding, consider publishing your next article with us. Our writers rave about our expedited peer review process — frequently going from pitch to publish in less than three weeks — and the exciting ability to build a large, loyal audience among our 360,000+ annual readers. And don’t forget about our annual hardcover print volumes with Westholme.

Journal of the American Revolution founder/editor Todd Andrlik talking about the magazine at Fort Ticonderoga, September 20, 2014.
Journal of the American Revolution founder/editor Todd Andrlik talking about the magazine at Fort Ticonderoga, Sept. 20, 2014.

In September, we welcomed another advertiser, Cornell University Press, which is promoting two exciting new titles — Dangerous Guests by Ken Miller and For Fear of an Elective King by Kathleen Bartoloni-Tuazon. Coincidentally, Dangerous Guests was also reviewed by Don N. Hagist in September and earned our highest marks. This past month, JAR editors Todd Andrlik and Don Hagist visited upstate New York and gave presentations at Fort Plain and Fort Ticonderoga. It was a great opportunity to schmooze with JAR readers, writers and advertisers. During these seminars, we received wonderful feedback about our other current advertiser, the American Revolution Round Tables. If you’re looking for a Revolutionary fellowship with an opportunity to share and discuss the latest discoveries in American Revolution research, please attend the next meeting of your local American Revolution Round Table. You won’t be disappointed.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: In the weeks ahead, we will be closing nominations for our first ever Journal of the American Revolution Book of the Year Award. Publishers, writers and readers: If you have a great new title that you think deserves the annual prize, please let us know by November 15.  The winner will be announced in early 2015.


  1. General Washington and the Body Snatchers by J. L. Bell
  2. The Great West Point Chain by Hugh T. Harrington
  3. Elijah Clarke and the Georgia Refugees Fight British Domination by Wayne Lynch
  4. The Unsuccessful American Attempt on Verplanck Point, July 16-19, 1779 by Michael J. F. Sheehan
  5. How George Washington Saved the Life of Abraham van Buskirks’ Son by Todd Braisted
  6. Elizabeth Burgin Helps the Prisoners… Somehow by Don N. Hagist
  7. The Statue of George III by Bob Ruppert
  8. The Rise of Virginia’s Independent Militia by Michael Cecere
  9. The First Continental Congress Responds to the Intolerable Acts by Michael Cecere
  10. So Heavy a Trial: The Burning of New York’s First Capital by Jack Kelly

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