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4 oddballs

Strangest Founding Father?

Who was the biggest oddball of the founders? Why?   Every Founder had his “foibles,” as Washington acknowledged about himself, but Charles Lee was…

3 washington

Greatest Controversy?

Of all the disputed topics, events, reputations or battles of the Revolution, which is the greatest? Explain.   Militarily, Howe’s failure to pursue Washington’s…

1 mistakenid

Most Mistaken Identity?

Revolutionary person known for one thing who should be known for something else?   And the winner is Benedict Arnold, almost universally known as…

13 yorktown

Most Misunderstood Event?

Which one event of the Revolution is incorrectly interpreted most often? Explain.   The battle of Saratoga. There is a group who are determined…

14 refbooks

Most Referenced Book?

Which American Revolution book do you refer to most often (not to be confused with “favorite book”)? Why?   The single volume that I…