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This Week on Dispatches: Mike Matheny on How Paperwork Saved the Continental Army

On this week’s Dispatches, host Brady Crytzer interviews graduate student and JAR contributor Mike Matheny about his fascinating research and article about how the record keeping of enlistments and other data was critical to the Continental Army’s success. New episodes of Dispatches are available for free every Saturday evening (Eastern United States Time) on iTunes, Stitcher, […]

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“The Predicament We Are In”: How Paperwork Saved the Continental Army

“Few people know the predicament we are in,” wrote George Washington, while he expressed the Continental army’s dire circumstances.[1] By January 1776, just six months into the Revolutionary War, the Continental army faced a crisis outside Boston. This particular crisis, not caused by a British attack, was a personnel issue. “Search the volumes of history through,” […]

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