Author: Travis Martin

Travis Martin is a native of Marietta, Georgia, and he remains there today so he can stay close to his family. He often helps his dad at their family farm in Fairmount, Georgia, while he also attends Kennesaw State University. He is pursuing a degree in history, modeling his school career in a similar manner to his younger sister, Tara, who is an aspiring U.S. history teacher. Travis is pursuing a career in professional writing, leaning much of his work toward historical research with a firm desire to invent new ways of depicting the past. On the side, he is also writing a science-fiction novel, which he hopes to complete in about eighty years.

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Thomas Jefferson, Scientist

When people think about Thomas Jefferson, they think of a founding father, an advocate of liberty, and an American Patriot. But what people don’t normally think about is Thomas Jefferson’s scientific mind. Jefferson was a man who explored anything and everything that attracted his interest. He took it upon himself to value knowledge above almost […]

by Travis Martin