Author: Ruud Stelten and Alexandre Hinton

Ruud Stelten is an archaeologist with a special interest in the colonial period. Born in the Netherlands, Ruud obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in archaeology from Leiden University in 2009 and 2010. He completed his Ph.D. at Leiden University in 2019, focusing on maritime archaeology in the Dutch Caribbean. He has lived and worked in the Caribbean since 2011, where he has conducted numerous archaeological research projects, taught hundreds of students, and set up his own museum. He is currently the director of The Shipwreck Survey, an organization he founded to conduct maritime archaeological research. Alexandre Hinton is an archaeologist who graduated Stony Brook University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Since then, she has periodically worked in the Caribbean, specifically on St. Eustatius. Her research there has focused primarily on maritime archaeological projects in collaboration with The Shipwreck Survey, but her time there has included terrestrial archaeology activities as well. When she is not in the Caribbean, she spends time in Arizona working for a cultural resource management firm.

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Alexander Hamilton’s Missing Years: New Discoveries and Insights into the Little Lion’s Caribbean Childhood

Alexander Hamilton’s life has been documented extensively and his exploits as an adult are well known. His early childhood, however, has long been a subject of debate and, until recently, was largely shrouded in obscurity. Evidence published by historian Michael Newton in 2019 has provided new insights into Alexander Hamilton’s formative years. Despite this new […]

by Ruud Stelten and Alexandre Hinton