Author: Rich Wood

Rich Wood is an independent researcher with interests in family history, New England and New York in the American Revolution, and in the creation, management, dissemination, and archival of digital records of primary documents of interest to historians. Trained as a scientist, he received the PhD degree from Cornell University and has spent thirty years as a researcher, manager, and administrator in the biopharmaceutical industry. He consults on pharmaceutical and intellectual property issues and operates a nonprofit company which helps historical institutions obtain funding.

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For to Cure for the Etch

Among other communicable diseases, the itch was common in military installations of the eighteenth century. Unlike smallpox and typhus, the itch was not in itself fatal, but was stressful and debilitating to soldiers and sailors on both sides of the conflict in the American Revolution. Today the distressing malady is known as scabies, “a disease […]

by Rich Wood