Author: Drummond Ball and Mike Cecere

Drummond Ball was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and is a former middle school history, geography, and language arts teacher. Later he became an elementary school principal for Virginia Beach City Public Schools. His interest in history started in his youth with family visits to historic sites from Canada to Virginia. He became involved with Revolutionary War reenacting in the latter part of the bicentennial, and 2021 marks his fifth decade in the hobby. He was a founding member of the 7th Virginia Regiment, which he commanded at one point, and currently serves in His Majesty’s 14th Regiment of Foote. Mike Cecere received an MA in history and an MA in political science from the University of Akron. An award-winning public school teacher, now retired, he is the author of a number of books, including The Invasion of Virginia, 1781, General Peter Muhlenberg: A Continental Officer of the Virginia Line, and the forthcoming March to Independence: The American Revolution in the Southern Colonies, 1775–1776.