A Video Tour of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown and the Yorktown Battlefield


October 21, 2021
by Bridget Barbara Also by this Author


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Considered the last major battle of the American Revolution, Yorktown is synonymous with American victory. It was the beginning of the end of the war, and a crucial moment of triumph for the fledgling United States of America.

On a short trip to Virginia, I was inundated with history from all periods of the country’s past. Just one example: Jamestown, the location of the first permanent British settlement in America in 1607, is a mere half hour from Yorktown, the site where the British ultimately relinquished their foothold in 1781. Add onto that its role during the Civil War, plus the DC area creating and preserving the country’s politics and culture, and it’s undeniable: Virginia has seen it all.

The Yorktown Battlefield is part of the Colonial National Historical Park, and you can tour the grounds from your car. On the ~100°F day I visited, this was a welcome relief. A handy map takes you to the different positions utilized by the British, the French, and the Americans, and a smartphone app provides helpful supplemental information and context. While you’ll have to use a bit of imagination to bring to life the now-empty grassy fields where historically vital events took place, it’s a great day out for anyone eager to explore one of the most important battlefields in the United States.






  • Very good. I wish we’d been able to see more inside both the AR Museum and the National Parks facility.
    Keep up the fine work, please.

  • Good work. Thank you. We had planned to go here in May of 20. Still hold plane tickets… Your video is a nice overview!

  • With the advancements of augmented reality technology, it is possible to add features to mobile apps that would allow users to “see” action through their mobile. For example, I could see how the app mentioned above could is AR to show a simulated battle or even just soldiers milling around. It’s a relatively straight-forward thing to do, if you know how to do it. FYI, I don’t know how 🙂

  • In 1996 my wife and I spent a day in this battlefield and museum your great video shows the park service has added several new areas and displays including a car tour. Because of you and your interesting video were planing on going back to catch up on all the new stuff… Tom

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