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May 26, 2021
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“The sad story of colonial oppression commenced in the year 1764. Great Britain then adopted new regulations respecting her colonies, which, after disturbing the ancient harmony of the two countries for about twelve years, terminated in a dismemberment of the empire.”—David Ramsay, 1789

JAR contributor Ken Shumate’s new book, 1764: The First Year of the Revolution, has been released. The latest in the Journal of the American Revolution Book Series, Ken’s succinct volume looks at the major shift that occurred in 1764 between Great Britain and its North American colonies over the use of customs duties to draw revenue from the colonies. To the Americans, the new policy set a precedent of unilateral parliamentarian rule over colonial legislatures. Despite the American’s initial deferential approach to England about these perceptions and concerns, their efforts—through pamphlets and petitions to the King and parliament—provoked a stronger reaction from England. With that, the two sides began drifting further apart. Relying on the words of those involved, Shumate provides a virtual “real time” account of how a rosy relationship up to 1763 quickly unraveled to a point where independence appeared to be the only solution for the Americans.

1764: The First Year of the American Revolution is available from the publisher or wherever books are sold.

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