This Week on Dispatches: Tom Shachtman on Paying for and Profiting from the American Revolution


February 15, 2020
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On this week’s Dispatches host Brady Crytzer interviews author and JAR contributor Tom Shachtman on how wealthy Americans paid for and profited from the American Revolution, chronicled in his latest book, Founding Fortunes.

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As your host Brady Crytzer says, “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the interview. . . .”

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One thought on “This Week on Dispatches: Tom Shachtman on Paying for and Profiting from the American Revolution

  • Your recent article abut Cornwallis in the south was excellent, and accurate, and reminded me that the wonderful(?) Museum of the American Revolutionary War in Philadelphia has totally misrepresented Daniel Morgan’s incredible victory at Cowpens. A visit last summer was great, until I viewed their verbiage describing what took place at Cowpens. It was so underwhelming, and, I feel, wrong, that I wrote to them, then wrote again, and several more times, including to a member of their Board of Directors, with NO interest on their part to even join a dialog about my criticism. Not one reply, other than numerous requests for contributions. I have received NO interest from them in their correcting the battle description they presently portray.
    I have no idea why they won’t give Morgan all the credit he deserves for coming out of retirement to rejoin the fight after the American defeats at Charleston and Camden. An inspiring story, especially when portrayed factually.

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