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Year in Review: Top 30 Articles of 2014

 Milestones Westholme Publishing Partnership Announced (Volume 2015 publishing in May) Book of the Year Award Unveiled (winner being announced in January 2015) Volume 1 Earns 17 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon “What an adventure to enjoy the articles in this fabulous treasure trove…” (C. Weatherhead) “This book is a no brainer for anyone with even the […]

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Strangest Founding Father?

Who was the biggest oddball of the founders? Why?   Every Founder had his “foibles,” as Washington acknowledged about himself, but Charles Lee was hands down the most eccentric of the bunch. But his eccentricity did not diminish his military talents. He made mistakes (what general didn’t), but at times his presence and leadership were […]

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Greatest Controversy?

Of all the disputed topics, events, reputations or battles of the Revolution, which is the greatest? Explain.   Militarily, Howe’s failure to pursue Washington’s beleaguered force trapped on the tip of Long Island remains something of a puzzle, despite attempts to reconstruct an answer. On a different note, this question intrigues me. I think we […]

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Most Mistaken Identity?

Revolutionary person known for one thing who should be known for something else?   And the winner is Benedict Arnold, almost universally known as one of the greatest traitors of them all while Horatio Gates keeps getting credit as the “hero of Saratoga.” In reality, Arnold was the true hero of Saratoga, if field leadership […]

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Most Misunderstood Event?

Which one event of the Revolution is incorrectly interpreted most often? Explain.   The battle of Saratoga. There is a group who are determined to prove Horatio Gates deserves most of the credit. I don’t agree. I have a low opinion of “Granny” Gates. His flight to the rear at Camden (after demonstrating his total […]

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Most Referenced Book?

Which American Revolution book do you refer to most often (not to be confused with “favorite book”)? Why?   The single volume that I access most often is Mark M. Boatner’s Encyclopedia of the American Revolution.  In it, I can generally find something about almost any topic pertaining to the American Revolution that either answers […]

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The Culper Spy Ring Was not the First to Warn the French at Newport

On July 10, 1780, a French fleet of seven ships of the line and four frigates under Admiral Chevalier de Ternay, along with thirty-six transport vessels carrying about 6,000 French soldiers commanded by Lieutenant General Comte de Rochambeau and their supplies, arrived off of Newport, Rhode Island. The plan was to use the port town […]

by Christian McBurney
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John McClure Rallies the South

Had he made it through the war, John McClure’s name would likely draw equal fame and respect as the nation’s most celebrated southern patriots. Indeed, not only can John be considered the first officer in the field against British occupation after the disaster at Charleston in June 1780 but, without his courage and leadership, the […]

by Wayne Lynch
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For Fear of an Elective King: George Washington and the Presidential Title Controversy of 1789

Book Review: For Fear of an Elective King: George Washington and the Presidential Title Controversy of 1789 by Kathleen Bartoloni-Tuazon (Cornell University Press, 2014) The debate that erupted in the Congress in the spring of 1789 as to whether the delegates should address the president as “His Majesty the President” or “His Highness the President […]

by Benjamin Huggins