Top 10 Articles of February 2014

A belated happy Valentine’s Day to all our loyal readers! We hope you enjoyed our action-packed month of articles, which included gripping features about battles, retreats, espionage, mobs, drugs, ambushes, massacres and, oh yeah, our first celebrity interview (Hal Stalmaster, the actor who played Johnny Tremain in the Disney film). Below our the 10 most popular articles published in February. Enjoy the recap!

  1. You Won’t Believe How Samuel Adams Recruited Sons of Liberty by J. L. Bell
  2. Take Notice: The Not-so-1776 Recruiting Poster by Ray Raphael and Benjamin H. Irvin
  3. Connecticut Yankees in a Pennamite’s Fort by Thomas Verenna
  4. Top 10 American Loyalist Officers by Gene Procknow
  5. Ambushed! Victim’s Bones at Fort Laurens by Hugh T. Harrington
  6. The Darker Side of the Militia by Thomas Verenna
  7. The Hated Benjamin Franklin by Todd Andrlik
  8. The Battle of St. Louis by Jimmy Dick
  9. 10 Questions with Hal Stalmaster (Johnny Tremain) by Michael Schellhammer
  10. Cavalry: Swords Before Pistols by Daniel Murphy



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