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April 18, 2013
by Todd Andrlik Also by this Author


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Julia Osman discusses the French support in the Battle of Yorktown on video for the Society of the Cincinnati
Julia Osman discusses the French support in the Battle of Yorktown on video for the Society of the Cincinnati

Let’s face it. New, high-quality video content about the American Revolution is in short supply. More institutions and individuals are realizing the importance of video in education and marketing (thank you Yale and Joanne Freeman, and the American Revolution Center), but fear of the camera and perceived high costs still scare many away.

One organization that deserves to be applauded for its aggressive production of educational video content about America’s founding is the Society of the Cincinnati, the nation’s oldest patriotic organization with membership restricted to qualified male descendants of commissioned officers who served in the Continental Army or Navy and their French counterparts. (Inhale.)

Last year, I stumbled upon the Society of the Cincinnati’s multi-part video series featuring Julia Osman (Mississippi State University) discussing the French involvement in North America during the Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution. For me, the videos were the perfect bite-size edusnack — just enough of a meaningful distraction from my book project without being a substantial time commitment. I could grab a cup of coffee and cozy up to the videos on a lazy Sunday morning or uneventful Saturday night. So, naturally, I was thrilled to recently find that the Society of the Cincinnati has since added more exciting videos with Walter Edgar (University of South Carolina), Robert J. Allison (Suffolk University), and William M. Fowler, Jr. (Northeastern University). The videos are all hosted on and YouTube. Thank you Society of the Cincinnati for producing such great video content (keep it up) and for giving me something to watch until the next season of Downton Abbey.

Video embed: March 5, 1770: The Boston Massacre (Part 3 of 9)

Video embed: Victory at Yorktown (Part 1)

One thought on “Society of the Cincinnati TV

  • Hi Todd, The Society of the Cincinnati TV looks perfect for me. I liked your word “edusnack”–perfect description for it. I wish there was a site similar to yours that deals with colonial life, culture, history, etc. There is so much to learn from that period.

    I agree about Downton Abbey–way too long to wait. Killing of Matthew was such a finale bummer (although I did find him a little too good) and I never thought he was matched well with his very cold wife.

    My husband ran the Boston marathon and thank God he was out of the area about a half hour before the bombs went off. Next year I plan to go and soak up all the history (I did like your travel series, too).

    Keep up the good work. Jennifer

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