Top 10 Most Popular Articles in March 2013


March 29, 2013
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Top 10 Most Popular JAR Articles in March 2013

10 // The Legacy of Ethan Allen by Michael Schellhammer

9 // Nathan Hale: A Hero’s Fiasco by Michael Schellhammer

8 // From Pounds to Dollars: Money During the Revolution by Lars D. H. Hedbor

7 // The Fate of British Regulars by Don N. Hagist

6 // The Greatest Moment in American History by Thomas Fleming

5 // Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence by Ray Raphael

4 // The Myth of Rifleman Timothy Murphy by Hugh T. Harrington

3 // Unleashing the Dogs of War by Hugh T. Harrington

2 // Thomas Paine’s Inflated Numbers by Ray Raphael

1 // The Fate of the Regulars by Thomas Fleming

Top 3 Articles of All Time

3 // The Essential American Revolution Library by Hugh T. Harrington

2 // The Ultimate Revolutionary War Infographic by Todd Andrlik

1 // Top 10 Facts About British Soldiers by Don N. Hagist


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